Read me first

In 1999 I was really excited about the musicality of the DiAural circuit. While there were good audible results, there wasn’t a perfect understanding of why the circuit worked so well. Back then I had the thought that it might have something to do with Doppler and that such a function would be relevant during recording and then be cancelled out during playback. “Doppler decoding” rolled nicely off the tongue and so I was off-and-running with the explanation. GREAT!, except I was wrong. It was soon pointed out to me, correctly, that the maximum displacement of a microphone diaphragm was not sufficient to cause Doppler shift.

So as you read early reviews and comments from 1999/2000 you should land the blame for the wrong explanation (Doppler decoding) on my shoulders. The listening impressions were and are exciting, but the reason does not have to do with “Doppler Decoding”.

Mea Culpa and Kind Regards,

Ray Kimber